Hi!  I'm Dr. Sabrina Chang.  I am passionate about helping dedicated piano students thrive in the rewarding and thrilling world of performing.  If you see your child feeling nervous or anxious as their performance draws near and you want to see them go from shaky nerves to playing with calm, poise, and confidence, I can help. 

My teaching methods draw from my extensive background in performance, teaching, and academic research in cognitive psychology.  With over 35 years of piano playing experience, I myself have experienced the pressures, uncertainties, disappointments, exhilarations, and joys (and everything in between) of performing.  And with over 12 years of piano teaching experience, I’ve helped countless students manage and overcome their performance anxieties and become excited to celebrate, share, and show off all their hard work and talent.

For my doctoral work at the University of British Columbia, I examined the cognition of music and theatre-based performance and training, and its implications for public health.  My research looked at issues of improvisation, and how musicians dealt with the impacts of self-perceived failures and mistakes during performance.

I love helping pianists play to their greatest potential, and traveling alongside these hardworking musicians on their musical journey.  I love seeing the pride, joy, and relief of parents as they witness their child’s confidence grow so much that they become empowered themselves to conquer any performance anxiety and excel in high-pressure situations—whether it be a high-stakes competition, recital, or exam...or an impromptu concert in their living room!


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